Prophet Idris (عليه السلام)

The story of Prophet Idris (also known as Enoch) is mentioned briefly in the Quran and has additional details from Islamic traditions. Although there are variations in the narratives, here is a general account of the story of Prophet Idris:

Prophet Idris (عليه السلام) was a righteous and pious man chosen by Allah as a prophet and messenger. He lived during a time when people had deviated from the straight path and engaged in wrongdoing and idolatry. Prophet Idris was sent to guide his people back to the worship of the One God and to lead them towards righteousness.

He was known for his deep knowledge, wisdom, and devotion to Allah. It is believed that Prophet Idris received divine revelations and heavenly knowledge. He conveyed the message of monotheism, calling upon his people to abandon their polytheistic beliefs and worship Allah alone.

Prophet Idris tirelessly preached the message of faith and encouraged his community to live a righteous life. He taught them about the importance of fulfilling their obligations to Allah and their fellow human beings, promoting justice, and avoiding sinful actions. He advised them to seek forgiveness and turn to Allah in repentance.

According to some narrations, Prophet Idris ascended to the heavens during his lifetime and was granted the gift of eternal life by Allah. It is said that he was taken to the fourth heaven, where he continued to receive divine knowledge and guidance.

The story of Prophet Idris serves as an inspiration for believers to strive for righteousness, knowledge, and devotion to Allah. His emphasis on monotheism and moral conduct reminds Muslims of the importance of following the path of God and seeking His pleasure.

It is important to note that while the story of Prophet Idris is mentioned in Islamic tradition, the specific details and events may vary across different sources and interpretations.


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